Social Responsibility

Nicole Williams, designer of the brand Nicolangela creates made to order designs from ethical fabrics in small limited edition runs in their Melbourne Studio.

Nicolangela design, cut and make their collections in house. They engage in low waste practices, with careful management of materials, therefore allowing the brand to manage an ethical approach to all aspects of the manufacturing process. Fabric offcuts and surplus trims are personally donated to local schools to encourage the creative process of our youth. “Most children aren’t aware of the hands on making approach to a garment, they are accustomed to unwrapping a garment from plastic. We strive to educate our youth about the creative and labour components to clothing and to encourage environmental responsibility”

Nicole’s purpose is to create well-fitting timeless pieces which will withstand the test of time. Their further commitment to sustainability is their unique unstructured sizing. What does this mean? “Our unstructured pieces are carefully designed to cover multiple sizes, to be an investment for life.”

Made from high quality fabrics, these unstructured dresses are cleverly designed to be flattering over multiple shapes and sizes, as women’s bodies change throughout their life. Designed to be worn many times – high quality fashion that is socially responsible and with a low impact on our global environment.

Nicolangela creates fashion that helps us engage, connect and better understand ourselves, each other and the world. Sustainability isn’t all about materials and technology, it is also about behaviour, relationships and ways of thinking.

This equates to clients keeping their dresses, and most importantly not becoming landfill. Disposable fast fashion is the second dirtiest global industry after oil. 50 billion garments go into landfill every year. Low quality fast fashion is disposed of within a season.

“Mass production equates to poor fitting clothing without connection. Our purpose is to connect the client with the artisan, to encourage individuality and social responsibility.”

If your local school would like to engage in this initiative please Contact us.