Welcome to the world of nicolangëla, where Australian designer Nicole Angela Williams passionately leads the way in Women's occasion wear.

Since the brand's inception in 2000, Nicole has been crafting designs marked by understated glamour, luxurious fabrics, and exclusive prints, revolutionising Australian dressing.

Nicole's designs are not just creations; they are born organically through the transformative process of making. From the initial spark of inspiration illustrated in concept drawings to meticulous pattern making and construction of the garment, every step contributes to the evolution of the design. Nicole believes in the beauty of hands-on craftsmanship, allowing each creation to take shape naturally. The making process is more than just a method – it's the soul of Nicole's designs, ensuring each piece is a unique, carefully crafted expression of functionality, comfort and meticulous craftsmanship.

Committed to supporting Australian artisans nicolangëla takes pride in being a small boutique team, hand-cutting each dress to order to ensure individuality, exclusivity & sustainability.

Embrace the beauty of Melbourne-made fashion that celebrates women and supports our vibrant local industry. This is slow fashion, consciously crafted with love, by women for women.


Nicolangela is an online, wholesale and retail concept offering extensive options to connect with the collections.

Launching the label in 2000, the collections are available at nicolangela showrooms in Melbourne, through select stockists across Australia & from the extensive online store offering worldwide delivery.

Nicole enjoys a hands on approach to Design. She creates each collection personally, starting with concept illustration through to the final collection, all from her studio in Melbourne Australia.

Nicole’s process of design is unique, utlizing her exceptional draping skills, pattern making and garment construction expertise. Nicole’s designs evolve organically through the process of making.

The result is a garment which fits beautifully, is made with perfection and is flattering to the female form.

The collections are made sourcing the highest quality fabrics, from Australia, Europe and Asia and progressing the designs and garment creation locally in Melbourne.

Nicolangela is all Australian and proudly Melbourne Made.

Nicole manages a sustainable brand and maintains a social responsibility. Read about the brands sustainable initiatives practices.